Waffle sticks

Posted on: September 16th, 2014 by Isabels Free From

These gadgets are usually market at children’s, but I found that they are quite useful and more than just a play thing.

Gluten free waffles

They can offer convenience and freshness for some gluten free food items. My latest purchase was a waffle stick maker which I found online.

Waffle maker_v1

The machine

An useful tool helping to quickly produce delicious waffles using our Yorkshire pudding batter mix.

The Yorkshire pudding batter is perfect for making waffles as well as tasty puds for your Sunday roast.

The waffles sticks can be served with savoury or sweet dips and freeze really well too, just re-heat for about 2-3 minutes in a pre-heated oven.

Savoury or sweet, these are the perfect gluten free nibble for parties, but be warned, they are very tasty and disappear quite quickly, so make plenty.

Waffle sticks

Around 40-45 units


100g Isabel’s Yorkshire pudding mix
2 large free range eggs
160g milk or substitute
50ml vegetable oil

You’ll need: A waffle stick maker
Baking time: 2-3 minutes


Prepare the Yorkshire pudding mix as direct on the packaging. The only thing you’ll be doing different is adding the oil into the batter and mix well.
Brush the waffle stick maker lightly with oil and turn it on. Add the batter to each cavity, but take care not to over fill – in fact, leave about 1 cm off the top of each cavity. Close the machine and wait until the lights goes to green. They should be ready, but if not, turn the waffle sticks over using a fork and leave for another minute.

For dipping:
These Yorkshire puds stick can be used to dip into savoury or sweet sauces. My suggestion would be:
Savoury: gravy or fondue.
Sweet: chocolate, toffee, or fruit sauces.


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