New gluten free gravy granules!

Posted on: September 4th, 2015 by Isabels Free From

Isabel’s is delighted with the launch of their latest product – Gluten Free Gravy Granules, 170g.

Gluten free gravy granules

The new gravy product is full of flavour and has a deliciously smooth texture. It’s also really simple to make – just add boiling water.

It truly is the perfect gravy to pour over your favourite meals and tastes especially good with meat dishes. It can be also used to help thicken sauces and add flavour to casseroles.

This new addition to the Naturally Free From range is an ideal accompaniment to Isabel’s bestselling gluten free Yorkshire Pud Mix. This makes for a particularly delicious combination.

Isabel’s Gluten Free Gravy Granules for meat come in a handy 170g re-sealable container – making approximately 34 servings. In addition to being Gluten Free, the gravy is also free from: MSG; wheat; and dairy. As you’d expect, they only use palm oil from sustainable sources.

Gluten free gravy granules

The team at Isabel’s are really pleased to be introducing this new product to their range. They are really passionate about providing their customers with the very best natural and additive free, clean label gluten free products.

Founder Isabel Gordon said. “Our aim from the outset was to offer coeliacs a more exciting and convenient range of products that are quick and easy to use, healthier and tastier than the usual offerings. And judging by the consumer feedback we receive, I think that we are just managing to do that.”

The new Gravy Granules is available from Isabel’s online shop and soon it will be available also from Morrison.

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Comments (16)

  • Claire wedlock |

    Hi my mum is gluten wheat egg & milk free wondering if this would be suitable we struggle to fine gravy to meet her requirements thanx

    • Isabels Free From |

      Hi Claire, yes the gravy granules is gluten, wheat, dairy and egg free.

    • Claire wedlock |

      Thank you that is great my mum misses her gravy she will be well pleased

  • Chris Dodman |

    Is the gravy soya free too?

    • Isabels Free From |

      Hi Chris, I’m really sorry the item contains soya – we were unable to produced the ingredient without the soya…

  • Kathleen Mc Cormick. |

    Can you please tell me where I can Isabels gluton free gravy. Last time I asked I was told the small Asda in Calisle. The shop did not stock it. Is there anywhere else in Carlisle I can buy this . Also can you tell me if it contains garlic as I don’t like it.
    Thank you.

    • Isabels Free From |

      Dear Kathleen, thanks for your enquiry. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience you might have trying to get hold of our gravy granules. The gravy granules is a new product and will not be available at the supermarkets for a little while yet. However, you’ll be able to purchase the item online at various online shop. Also if you add your postcode to our ‘Stockist finder’ the system will be able to show if there are any retailers stocking the product near where you live. With best wishes, Isabel

  • Pam Piercy |

    Hi great news about gravy granules. Will they be in Asda stores in Halesowen Birmingham do you know

    • Isabels Free From |

      Hi Pam, thanks very much for your note. unfortunately it is not enough to have a good product to get it listed with the supermarkets… at the moment there are no plans from Asda to add the gravy granules to their free from offerings. If you Asda is the retailer where you make your weekly shopping, perhaps it would be worthwhile for you to write to them requesting for the product to be available at your local store. Please accept my apologies for the inconveniece, we are trying our best to get the product as widely available as possible. Kind regards, Isabel

  • Mary |

    At last it is nice to have decent gravy.

  • Geraldine Armstrong |

    Love the gravy granules. Will be checking for when they are in stock again. All the family like it even though I’m the only coeliac so we get through quite a lot. Thanks for a very good product.

  • alison |

    Hi, please can you tell me if this gravy contains yeast/yeast extract? Many thanks, Alison

  • M. McPhail |

    Does this contain palm oil?

    • Isabels Free From |

      Hi there,
      All the products’ information are under the ‘Nutritional’ tab on each item page. But yes it does contain Palm oil from sustainable sources.

      Thanks for getting in touch.


  • Nita |

    Hi I am having problems getting your product. Morrisons supplied it before but now they have it listed as unavailable. Please don’t tell me you are discontinuing it. It is great.

    • Isabels Free From |

      Hi Nita, thanks for getting in touch. Please rest assured that we have not discontinued the gravy granules and will keep the item as part of our product range for as long as we are able to. To be viable each gravy production has to be produced in large number and it is very expensive, with only 12 months of shelf life, we depend on the supermarkets to disperse of the product quickly. Morrisons like all the other supermarkets are pursuing the production of their own brand of products, so it has become extremely hard to keep any products in the supermarkets shelves. Either because they will try to copy your product or because they’ll need the space for their own products. Unfortunately it is not enough to have a great product to get shelf space, unless consumers realise and get on board to request to their local stores that they keep their favourite items in stock for them to buy during their weekly shopping. Please don’t be afraid to ask. With best wishes, Isabel


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