Isabel’s gluten free gravy granules discontinued…

Posted on: February 4th, 2019 by Isabels Free From


Isabel’s gluten free gravy granules

Dear valued customers,

As you will have noticed our gravy granules is out of stock and unfortunately this item will not be coming in stock or as part of our product range during 2019. Morrisons has delisted the item last October to pursue their own brand and as we small company we are unable to keep the gravy granules production going without the help of a large supermarket for distribution.
This is because the gravy production is very large and the shelf life quite short and we would not be able to sell the entire production before the shelf life run out.

If you shop with Morrisons and are not happy with their decision, then the best course of line would be to write to their Free From buyer at their head office in Bradford to register your complaint directly. I know that there are quite a few customers who have written to them already and if enough people do so, they may be obliged to reconsider their decision.

I have tried my very best to keep the product in stock for as long as we could as we know that it was a great product. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience that this might cause you.




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Comments (7)

  • Joanne Campbell |

    I am so sad these have been discontinued, It took me some years to find a decent product we all liked and that we all could eat. I have messaged Morrisons and hope one day to see these again. Thanks Isabel’s for trying to keep the product going.

  • Veronica Halpin |

    Very disappointed with the withdrawal of the gravy, it was the only gravy granules I really liked and being anaphylaxis I now feel lost for choice.
    I was at Morrison’s killingworth today and they had about 15 tubs on their shelf, all had a best before date of January 2019. I pointed this out hoping to get a reduction, hoping to purchase all of them, was refused and told they all had to be binned! What a waste!
    Not happy at all. Hope you forward this to Morrison’s Killingworth.

  • Rebecca Marsden-Noble |

    I noticed on my last visit to Morrison’s it wasn’t available, but I’m
    Sad to hear this is a permanent thing!
    This gravy was bye far the best gluten free gravy after trying lots of different brands.
    Morrison’s of Beverley and Hull stores sort it out this is so unfair !!!

  • June lucas |

    Devastated. It took me so long to find Isabel’s gravy granules. They are the very best and am so disappointed with Morrisons as their own make are not very nice at all. Have contacted Morrisons to complain. Will boycott their own make.

    • Sandra Davies |

      Quite agree. Such a shame

  • Sandra Davies |

    So sorry this is not being sold by Morrisons anymore. Their own make is nowhere near as good as Isabel`s. Very disappointed with them and wil l not be buying their own brand. have written a letter of complaint.

  • Mrs J Robinson |

    I can only agree 100% with all comments already posted.


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