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Posted on: March 4th, 2016 by Isabels Free From

Isabel’s by gluten free b – fruit is not a pudding.

Isabel Gordon tells us about her naturally gluten free products.

Isabel Gordon tells us about her naturally gluten free products

We just love her one-woman whirlwind of gluten-free creativity – especially the way she experiments and shares her latest creations from naturally gluten free ingredients with the online gluten-free community. 

Tell us a little bit about the people behind Isabel’s?

We are a very small company and the chances are that if you contact Isabel’s you’ll mostly get hold of me as I still have my fingers on the pulse in every area of the business. I had to learn a bit of every part of the business and do a bit of everything. Our office is based in Bradford; we outsource some of our work such as manufacturing and distribution. But product development is very close to my heart and the part I enjoy the most.

Why did you decide to target the gluten & wheat free market specifically?

Producing gluten free foods just happened naturally – I didn’t choose this area specifically, but naturally ‘landed’ into it because of the knowledge I had of using certain ingredients, through circumstances. For example, the first product I decided to produce was by chance naturally gluten free, which is our much loved dough balls mix, or as they are better known in Brazil, ‘pão de queijo’ – literally meaning ‘cheese breads’.

GF dough balls

I set up my new factory and started making the perfect gluten free dough balls – ready to bake from frozen. Then I came across a major obstacle – the freezer aisles in the supermarkets were in decline and I could not sell the product in enough volume to make the business viable. So I was forced to look closer at the products unique selling points and its format to find another way into the market.

Isabel at the Allergy & Free From showBut it was attending Coeliac UK Group’s food fairs around the country and meeting many of the people who were using my products that gave me real purpose.

I felt personally involved with the gluten free community and inspired to come up with new product ideas.

My main objective was to create gluten free foods for everyone in the family to enjoy – be they coeliac or not, and help avoiding cross-contamination and anyone being ‘glutened’.


Isabel’s products will be available from Morrison in March 2016.

Also find us at Asda, Booths, Amazon, Ocado, Whole Food Market, As Nature Intended, Holland & Barrett and other quality retailers. Get hold of all our product range shop online here at our web shop.


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  • Dr.E D |

    I love your gluten free foods. The dough balls are totally addictive and open to so many variations. I often freeze half a batch, but find myself having to grab the ‘spares’ out of the freezer almost before they have frozen as I have eaten the original ones.
    Everything is so simple to produce and the flavours delicious. At last I can eat properly again!
    I wish the catering trade could be infiltrated by your products…. eating out is a nightmare.
    Please keep up the new ideas thank you so much Dr Liz Gordon


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