Isabel’s one-woman whirlwind of gluten-free creativity; Isabel’s product range are all naturally gluten, wheat and many also dairy free – without additives or added sugars – for all the family to enjoy. Established in 2005, Isabel’s gluten free product range provide coeliacs, and those catering for coeliacs with a tastier, more exciting & convenient choice.

Cassava flours are one of our main ingredients. It was actually Isabel’s experience with this ingredient and know-how for creating blends using cassava flours that inspired the Isabel’s range. The resulting dough has a versatile strength and elasticity, and it proves you don’t need wheat to make good dough.

Both coeliacs and non-coeliacs love our top quality cupboard staples, which certainly makes life easier for the person doing the cooking! Give us a try and let us know your thoughts. We’d love to hear from you. Read more about Isabel’s from gluten free b

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What is Cassava Flour?

It comes from the cassava root vegetable, also known as tapioca, manioc or yucca. Cassava flour is popular worldwide, especially in South America. It's light, tasty and a great staple ingredient when cooking for the whole family, especially the elderly and young children.


  1. The root is low in protein, rich in calcium and vitamin C
  2. It's a low fat, low GI flour
  3. It releases its energy slowly, keeps you feeling fuller for longer and won't give you a sugar rush. Good news if you're diabetic, or trying to lose weight.


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